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Hotel Balata Las Terrenas vacaciones en e caribe







Art. l.- These Internal Regulations oblige for their compliance both the HOTEL Residencia El Balata with address at blvd. Del Atlántico n.7, Abra Grande Las Terrenas, Samaná province, Dominican Republic, as well as guests who contract their services.  


Art 2º Constitutes the "Reservation of the room" when the negotiation accepts and confirms the lodging request of a person, which is confirmed with the deposit in advance of the requested lodging amount. The cancellation will be subject to the agreement of the parties and according to the policy applied to the rate reserved by the guest. 


Art 3º When the guest violates the provisions of this regulation, his contract will be terminated and immediate vacation may be demanded and carried out with the help of the authority without the guest having the right to reduce his debt and pay for the damages caused by his proceed. 


Art. 4- Every person who stays in this establishment, is obliged to register in the card or special books that for this purpose will be carried out by the establishment or in charge of it. When guests are a pre-booked group, your representative will complete the sign-in sheet and provide a list of eligible guests in advance.  


Art. 5.- The entry time (check-in) is set at 4:00 p.m. and the time to check out (check-out) and eviction from the room is set at 12:00 p.m. each day . If a guest stays longer, one more day of stay will be charged to his sale, with a maximum tolerance of 60 minutes for this purpose. If you want to change the departure date, we recommend notifying it at the reception to verify the availability of the moment. Early departure from the hotel will be considered as cancellation and there will be no refunds. In the unfortunate event that a traveler falls ill during their stay or finds it necessary to shorten their vacation, they must notify the reception with a 3-day notice. In case of not communicating it, the hotel will charge  the three following nights as advance notice of the cancellation.  


Art. 6.- The lodging service must be paid in advance on a daily basis, you must establish your credit with a bank card or cash. If the client does not pay on time, he loses the right to use the room. The administration will issue proof of payment or a detailed invoice for the services provided and the amount covered by them, when the guest requests it. The hotel does not assume responsibility for external contracted services such as taxis, dry cleaning or doctors.  


Art. 7. -   The air conditioning service is not included in the rooms. The client can request it upon arrival with an extra cost of 10 usd plus tax per night.  The client is asked to close the windows when connecting the air conditioning, so that the room reaches at desired temperature quickly respecting the environment. In the same way, guests are asked to turn off the air conditioning before leaving the room to avoid wasting energy resources. Together we can work to have a cleaner world, avoiding unnecessary gas emissions. 


Art. 8. - The breakfast service  is carried out  from 8 am to 10 am with an extra cost of 6,50 usd plus taxes per person.  It is preferable to book breakfast at night. 


Art. 9.- The hotel has taken appropriate security measures and has a compliant Civil Liability Insurance. When a guest uses the hotel parking lot, they must place their car in a suitable place, the establishment is not responsible for partial damage or total theft of the vehicle or for objects left inside. Any vehicle that was not registered at the reception will be removed from the parking lot.  

Art.10.- No user has the right to give accommodation to any person without the prior consent of the management, in any case they must l

carry out the corresponding procedures for registration and payment of the respective hosting fee. 


Art. 11.- The establishment clearly displays its category and these Regulations in the reception area and in all rooms, inviting our guests to comply with them. 


Art. 12.- If a guest gets sick, the reception of the establishment must call the doctor and can be treated in his room, if the disease is contagious, the guest will be transferred on his own to the appropriate place.  


Art. 13.- The hotel is not responsible for any losses that the guest may suffer in money and valuables not deposited in the safe deposit box that exists for this purpose at the reception. The objects or valuables forgotten by a guest in the room, will remain in the custody of the hotel administration for a period of 60 days, after this period and since there is no claim, they will be discarded.  


Art. 14.- Clients are not allowed to have any type of animal in the room. 


Art. 15.- The rights of the establishment as well as of the guests to denounce before the competent authorities the facts that constitute an illegal act or that give rise to responsibility by any of the parties in their persons and property, as long as they occur within of the hotel facilities.  


Art. 16.- All complaints, suggestions or congratulations must be noted in the complaint and suggestion forms that the hotel administration has available to users at the reception, according to the guidelines set by the Ministry of Tourism.  


Art. 17.- The use that must be made of the furniture, clothing and other objects of service, will be rational and moderate, taking care of them properly. When leaving their room, every guest has the obligation to leave the doors, windows, and water keys closed, as well as return the room keys to the administration.  


Art. 18.- Security measures have been taken in the establishment by installing a sufficient number of fire extinguishers and smoke detectors to be used in an eventual accident, in such circumstances guests must notify the administration.  


Art. 19.- Guests must behave with decency and morality within the establishment, being prohibited from disturbing order by making noises that bother or annoy other guests, as well as using the room to perform any act or game prohibited by law.  


Art. 20. The hotel reserves the right of admission when the guest commits immoral acts or scandals, is in a state of drunkenness or under the influence of drugs or narcotics, or when their luggage contains animals or is intended for use other than that of the service. 


Art. 21. - In the provision of services by this hotel there will be no discrimination for reasons of sex, political creed, religion, nationality or social condition. The establishment may deny its services when the guest appears drunk or under the influence of drugs or narcotics or when it is intended to use something other than the hosting service. 


Art. 22. - Failure to comply with these Internal Accommodation Regulations by the guest will be cause for termination of the accommodation contract, without legal responsibility for the company. 


Art 23 Relations and cases not provided for in this regulation will be registered by the Federal Tourism Law, its regulations and by current applicable legislation, as well as the custom and use of lodging. 


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